The treadmill is boring so I just thought exercise wasn’t enjoyable.

The treadmill is boring so I just thought exercise wasn’t enjoyable.

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What made you want to change in your health & Fitness?

I saw your ad a few times and clicked on it and looked at your website. My husband was going to the gym every night and i just sat my fat ass on the couch. I was completely depressed and had no energy or desire to do anything. One day your Facebook ad came up again and I read your bio and thought maybe you could actually relate to my struggle so and I just went for it!

I wasn’t actually actively looking, your ad was just there at the right time. I was constantly looking for new fad diets to try. Never really considered going to the gym. I was scared and super intimidated but I was so sick of feeling the way I did.


What stopped you from joining a gym or fitness program in the past?

I had a membership to the YMCA for a few months back when my son was a baby but I felt lost and out of place. I had no idea what to do so I would just go on the treadmill. They offered a few personal training sessions with my membership but it was too intimidating in such a big open space and I felt like I would have an audience. I eventually just stopped going all together. My excuse was always that I wasn’t athletic enough and that I was uncoordinated but really I just didn’t have the confidence. I also tried running for a bit because I wanted to run a 5k but I would never run outside because I was worried about what people would think. That really was the biggest issue. Always worried about what people thought and that I stood out. I used to always survey rooms when I walked in to see if I was the fattest person and then I usually was and then I just felt out of place and didn’t try.

Also, to go back to how I felt after the first workout. I was surprised at how fun it was. The treadmill is boring so I just thought exercise wasn’t enjoyable.


How did you feel during your first workout at Empowered Fitness?

I was really nervous for the first workout and that little voice in the back of my head kept telling me you can’t do that. But everyone was so nice and welcoming and you took the time to thoroughly explain everything so I felt less intimidated. I would say the first 3 weeks it was really hard to get my ass in there 3 days a week but I just forced myself not to quit. I actually had no intention of continuing after the 28 days. I thought it would just kick my ass in gear so I could workout at home.



How has your life changed now that fitness is a part of it?

Where do I start?

I’m not longer depressed.

I have energy and my mind is clear.

I’m a better wife, mother and friend .

I’m strong.

I’m happy. 

I feel good in my clothes. 

I don’t compare myself to others.

I have goals that I am actively working on.


You said that you’re a better Mom and Friend. Can you give me an example of how?

I’m a better mom because I’m more patient and positive and by making time to take care of myself I’m setting an example for my kids

I’m a better friend because I am present in my friendships. I used to make plans and then lie and say I was sick to get out of them because I was so depressed.

Setting an example for my kids is a very important part of this journey. I’m proud that I’ve been able to tell them about my goals and show that I’ve been working really hard to achieve them. I’m also really proud to show them that it’s good to reach outside of your comfort zone.

What advice would you give yourself from a year ago knowing what you know today?

That’s tough because I think all of the things that have happened have lead me to where I am now so I wouldn’t want to change anything. If someone came to me struggling the way I was struggling I would tell them they aren’t alone and that they are capable of anything they put their mind to. I always felt so alone and like I couldn’t explain how I felt and like no one would ever be able to understand what I was going through. I would also say that putting yourself first doesn’t make you selfish.


Thank you Kyle and the crew at Empowered Fitness.