“The results I have gotten make this training addictive”

“The results I have gotten make this training addictive”

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What has your experience been with Kyle Gall Strength Training so far? Kyle has shown me what strength training can do for someone with a past injury.  The results I have gotten make this training addictive, which only makes you want to train harder and never miss a workout.

What are your 3 biggest achievements? Overcoming an injury, not sure what else I consider a big achievement

What was your life like when you started? My back injury was leaving me weak and unbalanced, fatigued, low energy.

 How has it changed? I now have no back issues, I am stronger than I have ever been, I have lots of energy and physically am a lot leaner.

Think of the changes you’ve made with your fitness, health, nutrition, etc., and what you can do now that you weren’t able to do previously. Because of the strength training I can now carry heavy items, do simple tasks I was unable to do prior.

Why did you decide to start with Kyle Gall Strength Training? At the time my current fitness regime was not giving me the specific results of strengthening after my injury.

What are the biggest obstacles or fears that you had to overcome? I am always afraid of re injury while training

What is the biggest change you have made? Not to be afraid of lifting heavy weights and building muscle and adding more protein to my diet

What have you enjoyed most along the way? Getting a different workout every few weeks, challenging my weaknesses, and seeing the physical changes to my body

What advice would you give to someone just starting their own fitness journey at Kyle Gall Strength Training? Be open to try what plan Kyle has set up for you, he is a results oriented trainer, physically and mentally he helps you achieve the goals you set out.