Small Group TEAM Training is the core of what we do. Each TEAM training session is designed to give your body everything it needs to be strong, healthy, and in great shape. The EMPOWERED Training System is a very unique approach to fitness training. We do not merely “host workouts” at Empowered Fitness and that's why we don’t call what we do “classes.”

Through the combination of our TEAM Strength Training and Metabolic Movement sessions, we provide training sessions for individuals who are interested in training and their results, not the latest fad or craze. You will never be bored and your body will never plateau. Our Coaches will inspire you in a positive and uplifting community, and your body will have new physical challenges to overcome on a daily basis. There is no fluff to an Empowered session. The EMPOWERED Training System allows the Coach the ability to adapt the exercises to fit the physical needs of each client. These sessions are for all age groups and activity levels; no matter what your fitness level, you will make progress. If you want a challenge, if you demand results, then EMPOWERED TEAM Training is for you.



Strength Training is at the heart of any lasting physical transformation.

Our Small Group TEAM Strength Training is a more individualized experience than your typical “GroupEx” class at the big box gym. Think private training individualization meets group training fun and community. We strive for no more than a 9:1 Client to Coach ratio so that we can maintain the high quality of coaching that we are known for.

Each TEAM Strength Training session is adjusted to YOUR unique function, fitness, injury history, and movement capabilities. Your individual assessment combined with the EMPOWERED Training System makes for the best combination of results and value you will find in Regina. This class will sculpt the body and develop usable strength that will increase your performance in any activity you choose to do.

EMPOWERED strength conditioning will build your muscles evenly, giving you a great look and a body that will perform with greater strength and efficiency. We use a combination of weights, body weight, and resistance machines to achieve the best possible results.


Metabolic Movement is our metabolic conditioning program and is the adjunct “cardio” work that members can take advantage of to ensure they are hitting their overall fitness and training goals. Provided in a larger group format, members can expect to receive not only a fantastic workout to get your heart pumping and sweat pouring but also an improvement in your range of motion, flexibility, and mobility based on the unique system driving the design of each session.

This class centers around the answer to what is missing in the fitness industry. The goal is to establish muscular coordination that your body has forgotten during days, months, or years of standard adult activities.  Your Coach will select and adapt each movement to fit your ability. You will always be challenged, never reach a point of diminishing returns, and you will have fun. There is nothing like EMPOWERED Training System in the training world.

A functional, metabolic training experience using bodyweight, bands, dumbbells, ropes, TRX and more! Our staple program consists of tissue quality, mobility, strength, and resistance training and happens in a positive and uplifting community. We guarantee RESULTS. Men, women, young, mature, immature. ALL fitness levels welcome.


Personal Training is the most effective method of attaining your physical goals. This is an even more personalized experience to get you results in a group of only 2-4 clients paired with one of our Certified Personal Trainers. The EMPOWERED Training System is based on the ability to find the correct physical demand to create the desired outcome for our clients. When you work directly with an EMPOWERED Coach, the exercises can be constantly modified as your body makes adjustments and reacts to the movements.

Having an EMPOWERED Coach oversee your entire program ensures the fastest and most productive outcome. This is not your standard personal training program; everything in the program is customized and altered for your benefit. Your goals, physical condition, and personal likes will determine the type of program designed for you.

This is a great way to get the individualized programming of private, one-to-one training (the traditional method of delivering personal training) but at a reduced rate because you are “sharing” the Coach with 1 – 3 other clients.

Our Personal Training offering is geared towards those who need or prefer extra coaching and attention typically for one of the following reasons:

  • Deconditioned and would benefit from extra coaching for short or longer durations
  • Unique situation, such as an injury or various other significant challenges that would warrant a smaller group environment for better safety and results
  • Want an additional workout(s) in the week to maximize results, or focus on a specific performance goal (e.g. mobility, upcoming ski trip, etc) and take it to the next level!