“Hiring Kyle proved to be time and money well spent”

“Hiring Kyle proved to be time and money well spent”

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What are your 3 biggest achievements? Increased strength, increased muscle mass and decreased body fat and more knowledge of how my body functions. But more importantly, increased confidence in my abilities.

What has your experience been with Kyle so far? Positive. Hiring Kyle proved to be time and money well spent.  Kyle understands my priorities and expectations and helps me achieve my goals. Kyle cares for his clients and dedicates his attention to the person he is training. If you show up and want it, Kyle will work with you to achieve it.

What was your life like when you started? I was moderately active and was always conscientious of my health and open to learning new ways to stay healthy and active. However, as I was getting older, I was finding it more challenging to keep up with necessary research to keep abreast of the new findings and whether or not they were valid. Even though I was putting my time in at the gym and outside activities, the intensity and duration of my activities were decreasing leading to more aches and pains not only showing up but ‘moving in’!

How has it changed? After approximately 36 months of training with Kyle three times a week, I have experienced dramatic results. My fitness level significantly improved, my body pain has ‘moved out’ and my body shape has changed — but more importantly, I noticed a change in how I feel about myself – I am more confident.  I have moved from strength training to powerlifting and I’m 60 years old!

Think of the changes you’ve made with your fitness, health, nutrition, etc., and what you can do now that you weren’t able to do previously. I have better general fitness with next to no joint pain. I have been able to increase my fitness level without aggravating existing injuries or risking new ones. I can walk upstairs without left knee pain!! My lower back never hurts anymore!! My knee and lower back have been problematic for many years.  Kyle is a good educator and provides the tools to make dietary and other lifestyle changes, as a result I pay more attention to my carbohydrate/protein/fat ratios. I understood a lot of these things before, but with constant reminders from Kyle, I get everything I need to know to make fitness a permanent part of my life.

Why did you decide to start with Kyle? I wanted to increase my fitness level and knew I needed one-on-one trainer to do so. I started observing the personal trainers’ at my gym and how they were working with their clients. I noticed that Kyle was more ‘into’ his clients than himself. Kyle is not easily distracted by other activities or people in the gym. Kyle genuinely wants to help others improve their health and fitness. He shows his clients how to perform exercises without injury and made corrections as necessary.

What are the biggest obstacles or fears that you had to overcome? I had to overcome the fear of failure – I am beginning to trust myself and know that I can succeed in creating a better stronger me – both physically and emotionally. Fear was holding me back from achieving many dreams and goals.

What is the biggest change you have made? Increased strength and self-confidence – oops that’s two changes 🙂

What have you enjoyed most along the way? I look forward to my training time with Kyle, not because it is easy but because I see results.  Kyle challenges me, encourages me when I need it, he asks for my opinion, feedback and he respects me.

 What advice would you give to someone just starting their own fitness journey at Kyle Gall Strength Training? Be patient with yourself as changes to do not happen overnight. You are paying for Kyle’s time, use it well, don’t get distracted with small talk. If something isn’t working for you, or you hit a plateau, let Kyle know and he will work with you to adjust the routine. If you’re unhappy with your results, or with the experience, you need to talk to your trainer. However, be honest with yourself about whether or not you’re doing your part too.