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About Kyle Gall

Empowered Fitness was Founded with Kyle Gall’s Lifelong Passion for Health,Fitness, and Active Ageing. Kyle Gall has has made his mark as one of the nations top fitness & nutrition experts for over 5 years now, and is considered a master in his field. Kyle is a certified personal trainer and corrective movement specialist.


Kyle has had to overcome adversity to get to where is today. When Kyle was five years old he developed a rare bone disease that caused him to lose function in one of his legs for a year and then left him living in constant pain for next 21 years. Chronic pain caused Kyle to be inactive which led him gaining weight until he was almost 300 Lbs. When Kyle was 9 years he was taken out of school after finishing grade three and was denied education until he made the choice to teach himself everything he could eventually returning to school and obtaining his GED.


Kyle Changed his life learning everything he could about health lifestyle and safe exercise. Now Kyle lives pain free and has maintained a healthy weight for over 10 years. Now Kyle is dedicated to helping Regina residents improve their Health.


Kyle is committed to changing the lives of every single person he comes across on a daily basis. He’s a devoted family man to his wife, Amelia, and two wonderful children. His family and health are his reasons why for being, giving and growing more.