4 Reasons Why Consistency Matters In Health & Fitness

4 Reasons Why Consistency Matters In Health & Fitness

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  1. It keeps you from quitting long term. One of the traits of the world’s most successful people at anything is simply that they did not every quit. Almost all of our biggest goals are a lifetime in the process especially health.
  2. Gaining strength takes time! -If you’re serious about getting stronger, especially in a way that will benefit you as you grow old (age gracefully, as we’d call it!), performing your sessions regularly, two to three times per week–without fail–is what will ultimately provide long term gains in fitness, strength, and health. And yes, that means EVEN on the days you feel like crap and don’t want to work out. I have those days, too but I ALWAYS feel better about myself when I’m done! Remember…Jack Lalanne didn’t learn how to do his crazy push ups in his 80’s, he started training regularly early on and never stopped!
  3. Effort and intensity take time. One of the hardest things for people to conquer is the initial inertia when starting a program but if you continue long term and stay consistent, it will get much better and easier. Consistency wins again. 🙂
  4. Nutrition takes time. It’s impossible to learn how to eat and have your body make the changes it needs to make if you are in and out of different nutritional tactics and fitness fad programs. Your body and metabolism take time to adapt and the most critical ingredient is time.

Losing weight and getting fit is not difficult to understand. All too often, we just make it harder than what it is.

Here are some characteristics of a great program (wink wink)

  • It delivers a nutritional program that works for everyone and coaches you through it long term…
  • It gives you full access to the exercise portion for and affordable cost…
  • There is perpetual inspiration and motivation built into the training…
  • There is perpetual education…
  • It builds YOU up as a person…

So a shameless plug for Empowered Fitness because this is how we are different than most programs.

We serve the individual so it makes it easier to succeed long term.

To your success,

Coach Kyle