3 Fat Loss Myths That Wont Die

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There are many myths in the health and fitness world that just want to go away and they may be sabotaging your fat loss results. Here is a list of 3 of the most prevailing myth that I here all the time.

1. You can spot reduce fat.

The idea that many people get sold on is directed at their insecurities about having “trouble spots” or areas. Think of things like “six pack in 6 minutes” “better booty in 1 hour” these catchy phrases are geared to sell you on drastically improving that area on your body with a specific workout.

For some reason this lie won’t die, if you had no choice on where fat got added to your body, why would you think you have a choice of where it comes off? Numerous factors play a roll into where fat gets added first and lost first on your body, doing sit ups for hours on end won’t give you a six pack if your body fat isn’t dropping.

Success is in a great overall training and nutrition program mixed with proper sleep and supplementation. Do this and watch your entire body transform.

2. You have to eat 6 times per day to lose fat.

I am sorry but your metabolism is not a fire you can’t keep feeding it to make it speed up and burn more, it simply doesn’t work that way. I would almost argue the exact opposite: meal frequency matters far less than many of you think, my opinion for the general public (average gym goer) it’s much less important.

Personally, I like to eat more times just to avoid larger meals but I could get just as much results with 3-5 meals with the same macros.

At the end of the day what matters most if your overall macro-calorie breakdown if you want to lose fat/weight you must be at a deficit.

3. Fat loss is quick and easy.

Think about the endless infomercials about 6-packs, buns of steel, fat loss in days and machines that make you superman overnight.

Think of this phrase “fat loss is easy once you realize how hard it is” ponder that for a minute. Not hard to know…hard to be disciplined.

If it were that easy, everyone would be doing it!

Easy to know, probably, easy to do…well, that takes discipline.

Ask anyone you know in great shape odds are they eating well, train hard, and take care of their body like it’s their most important possession. The old saying goes “nothing worth having comes easy” don’t believe the hype; don’t get sold on a magic secret.

The real secret is; there isn’t one. It’s called hard work and persistence day after day living a life that creates the long-term changes you desire.

You deserve this for yourself.


To your success,

Coach Kyle